Welcome to our home, small kennel, and small store.
Finella Kennel was born at August 2012, located in Tangerang, we concentrate on Maltese and
pomeranian Breed with cream, white, & Parti colour.
Breeder is the most job we love, although we can't go vacation as much as we want, but still we love our job.

All of our puppies are raised with lots of love and loving people around them to help them socialize.

We prefer sell our puppies to a loving forever family, not to breed and for sell again. Our puppies are stamboom and vaccinated already. All of my adults are vaccinated yearly.

The size, colour, and quality will decide the price for each puppy.
You are required to go to vet within 48 hours, to make sure the puppies is healthy.

For our pomeranian puppies , we bring
Pomeranian from reputable kennel in Taiwan, 'Camel Lou / Victoria Pom', Bertwin of True Victorian FCI. we also provide services for Stud dog.

For Finella Dog Hotel, we want to give the cage
comfortable for your pet. Not
scary and boring. We use 90x90 cage fence covering with pallet
, and you are allowed to take whatever your dog like (favorite bed, favorite toy, favorite treat, etc.).
We also provide large play yard for them to play freely.
Dog Food also qualified for your pet dog

Enough introduction, Have fun on our website!
Here there is information that could be interesting to know.
If you are interested to have a Pomeranian puppy / maltese puppy /
you want to leave your beloved dog in Finella,
You can contact me HERE.


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