The journey was began in 2013, four determined souls developed products that people unconsciously need. The products that bring functionality and act as a style item as well. Some people called as the brand with thoughtful product.

Since users are being our main focused, no wonder we received such compliments. NIION is stealthily supporting Green Attitude through the value we attach to each of the product : Less material combination, Less Accessories Used, Reusability, Durability, Made of Natural and Recyclable Material. In shorts, we’d like to do everything to step closer to a complete user product experience.

NIION is pretty much alike with the modern art. Some people will probably react with : “ I could make that too!” and pardon us if we response that with : “Yeah, but you didn’t”.

NIION is something that has been crossed in your mind, as something you need, something you secretly wish for, but maybe those thinking has just disappear as your busy life greet you routinely. If people around the world can finally live their life way they love under the support of stuffs that fulfilling their needs in a stylish manner, we finally could proudly saying : Mission Accomplished. Life is a race, so we choose to go brakeless.


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